Affiliate Marketing: Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to make money online. If you have been frequent online, you're most likely to be familiar with the term "affiliate marketing". I am sure a lot of you have come accross the term but aren't sure what it meant. Affiliate marketing in its simplest terms is being able to earn money or any other form of commission from selling or referring someone to buy someone else's product. An affiliate can promote products through blogs, social media networks, posting in forums or simply emailing to friends with the affiliate link or banners generate by the affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing: Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria.

For the past few years, affiliate marketing has generated alot of passive income for individuals in Nigeria and other parts of the world. In this post, I am going to reveal to you, the best affiliate marketing programs to signup for in Nigeria.

1 Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia affiliate marketing Program image.

Being an affiliate for jumia is free, you just have to signup for the affiliate program. After that a jumia affiliate account would be created for you with a dedicated Sub-ID that will track the number of visitors who clicks on your link and those who eventually buys. Jumia offers a very large range of products for you to promote and earn commission from every buy from your link. You just have to choose the product that best suits your niche or interest. Jumia gives up to 11% commision to affiliates. Check this link for the affiliate commission for each product category.

2 Konga Affiliate Program

Your desire to be an affiliate is only what is required to join konga affiliate program. It cost nothing, you just have to go to their site and signup for the program. Konga uses the konga affiliate pro software to track referrals and they also support pay-per-click search engines. Konga offers up to 9% commission to affiliates for every product bought from their link.

3 Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate Program for affiliate marketers

Amazon associates is one of the first online affiliate program and it was launched in 1996. Amazon has a huge range of products availabe, covers all categories of market from health to digital products. There are alot of products on amazon for you to promote, just go to their site and signup for free. Amazon associates earn up to 10% commission from purchase.

4 Aliexpress Affiliate Program.

If you have not heard of aliexpress before, Aliexpress is an online retail service based in china. Aliexpress was lauched in 2010 and they offer products to international online buyers. Just like amazon and other online retail service, aliexpress also provides special links to products for any registered affiliate marketer of aliexpress. Aliexpress offers minimum of 8.5% commision on a sale to affiliates.

5 Bet9ja Affiliate Program.

Bet9ja Affiliate Marketing Program

Bet9ja offers a very profitable and unique affiliate program. By taking part in their affiliate program you can earn alot of money without placing a bet. Bet9ja is a betting company/website where you can make huge money from placing bets on sport matches. It is one of the most popular bet company in Nigeria. To start making money with bet9ja affiliate program, you have to register for the program. Registeration is also free.You also will be provided with an affiliate link like the rest of the other affiliate program. Bet9ja offers 20% of the amount each of your referrals has lost how much he/she won in betting.


They are alot of other affiliate programs working in Nigeria but I will love to say these are the once with the most reputation. As a Nigerian, you can also get involved in any of the affiliate programs and earn residual income for yourself.

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